Pilates Classes Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the booking of and participation in all Pilates classes to ensure that attendees participate safely in appropriate classes of the correct standard, as well as to ensure that the Clinic can efficiently roster staff and have in place trained staff to run professional and fully supervised classes:

  • Classes are only available in set blocks, which must be paid for before the commencement of first class in each block;
  • Partial blocks are not available and attendees must book full block and pay in full regardless of expected attendance level;
  • Missed classes may be substituted within each block, subject to availability of space and also availability of a suitable standard of class for safe participation;
  • Missed classes may not be carried over to subsequent blocks;
  • All payments are non- refundable and non-transferable to subsequent blocks;
  • Classes may occasionally be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and will be arranged via text. A refund will be offered if an attendee is unable to avail of re-arranged class or other substitute classes available within block;
  • Attendees must sign in at the desk prior to each class;
  • Attendees should advise by text response if unable to attend scheduled classes.

Thank You For Your Co-Operation.