Rehabilitation Pilates is a unique exercise programme that focuses on correct movement quality, core stabilisation, and postural correction. The aim of Pilates is to strengthen and tone the muscles of the body, specifically targeting the muscles involved in posture. As these postural muscles strengthen, you will find your posture improves. As your posture improves the risk of an overuse injury in your back decreases. The Pilates programme is also an excellent programme to follow if returning from a back injury as it activates the muscles that have been previously inhibited by pain.

Chartered Physiotherapists are experts in the analysis of movement dysfunction and body biomechanics and so are ideally placed to deliver appropriate rehabilitation regimes. Rehabilitation Pilates classes in the clinic are based on the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) method.

Attending an APPI Pilates class here in this clinic means you will experience a high level of individual attention since the classes are small and presented by a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist – the experts in back care! Classes are 1 hour in duration and each course lasts for 8 weeks.