Knee/ Hip/ Shoulder Replacement Rehab

Knee/ Hip/ Shoulder Replacement Rehab

After you’ve undergone joint replacement surgery, it’s natural to seek plenty of opportunities for rest and relaxation as you recover. Once you’ve endured the initial recovery phase of this type of surgery, however, it will be time to start thinking about how you’ll get your original range of motion (ROM) and muscle strength back. Physical therapy can help your muscles, tendons, and ligaments recover from joint replacement surgery, and this treatment is a necessary part of getting back on your feet. Learn more about physical therapy and how it can help you recover from knee, hip, or shoulder joint replacement surgery.

Joint replacement surgery is when an entire joint is removed from a patient’s body and replaced with a synthetic joint. This type of surgery is highly invasive, and it impairs the musculature and other tissues surrounding the joint.

The older a patient is, the harder it is to recover from joint replacement surgery, and a variety of treatment methods are used to assist in the recovery process no matter how old a patient is when he or she undergoes joint replacement surgery. The joints that are most commonly replaced are knees, hips, and shoulders.

We will guide you through your rehab programme following your joint replacement surgery in a safe, practical and effective manner.

We work in conjunction with other clinics and surgeons based in UMPC Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry and the Galway Clinic for example. Please give us a call today to see how we can help you in your journey to recovery.