You may have seen on our Facebook or Instagram pages recently a number of videos featuring our TecnoBody machine. Whilst our videos on Facebook and Instagram have focused on certain functional movements and conditions, many people who come to the clinic ask if they would benefit from using it in their rehabilitation programme.

Truthfully, every person, young or old, can benefit from using this technology whether it be coming back from a muscle strain, fracture, surgery or even for individuals with decreased balance, and pain from long-term conditions. Even if you are injury free fully functioning, the TecnoBody provides a platform to build your fitness and strength which can be done under the supervision of a qualified professional.

What is Tecnobody?

Tecnobody uses a 3D camera and a sensor-platform to accurately assess a person’s movement pattern from head to toe. We can more accurately assess static and dynamic movements to optimise your rehabilitation, and more importantly allow you to understand what aspects need to be improved upon.

How will Tecnobody help me?

Tecnobody has the benefit of continuously measuring the person whilst in use. It identifies your centre of gravity, quality of your movements whether it be arms, legs, or trunk, and allows you to do you rehab or training in the best possible position.

For the sportsperson or athlete, the TecnoBody can undertake concussion screening and management. It can also be used as a pre and mid-season screening tool, which will identify areas of strength and areas for development. In addition to measuring and optimising movements, the option to add an unstable surface and increase load through resistance jackets and resisted cables can allow the individual to improve upon core control, balance, proprioception and ensure you’re always progressing.

Post-surgery of any joint, whether it be total knee replacement, total hip replacement, shoulder stabilisation, or spinal surgery to name a few, TecnoBody will help identify and promote normal and good quality movement, as well as giving you much more insight into your rehabilitation. Dependant on your level, increased load and more complex functional movements can be re-trained. You will also have an objective marker to aim towards on each session, to demonstrate your improvements in function. The system will also measure your movements on the unaffected side so we can compare throughout your rehab.

Balance assessment and re-education is a major aspect of the TecnoBody, whether this be in sitting or standing. Multiple aspects of static and dynamic balance can be measured and trained by use of the platform sensor which will continuously measure your centre of gravity. Tecnobody will measure double leg, single leg, and even seated movements for those having difficulty standing. With the use of cables, load can be added to arm and leg movement to help build strength. Because the cables are free of each other, if you have weakness in one arm, we can adapt the load specifically for you.

For our younger users, a fun element can be uses through the use of TecnoBody games which can be chosen to focus on a  particular aspect of rehab, i.e. balance, arm strengthening, knee control.

Tecnobody, in the absence of injury, is also an effective total body workout. Whatever your goal, we can achieve it though the TecnoBody.

Can I use it by myself or do I need a Physiotherapist with me?

If you would like to use Tecnobody to build your strength, endurance, and balance, in the absence of injury, we will ensure you can use the machine comfortably, and know how to progress your programme on the first session. Ongoing, if you are happy using Tecnobody, you can book allocated slots to come in and continue your programme.

For people undertaking Physiotherapy with us, we will monitor you on each session until both parties are happy for unsupervised sessions.

How long of a session do I get?

Our Physiotherapy appointments are 45minutes and you will spend at least half of that time on TecnoBody. For individuals looking to use the TecnoBody as a gym programme, slots are 30 minutes long.

How do I book an appointment to get started?

You can call us on 071 9671533, email us at