Worn Out Joints’?!
We see many Patients in the clinic who are concerned about Osteoarthritis. The phrase ‘Worn out joints’ is something that patients themselves often use to describe the condition, which can cause significant pain and restriction in usual activities.
Osteoarthritis is not solely caused by so called ’Wear and Tear. To more accurately explain the process we should describe it as a slowing down in the rate at which the body is able to repair the joint surfaces as effectively as it once did. This results in us feeling perhaps slower, stiffer & more ‘achey’ in our joints than we once did. A natural response may be then that we stop walking or exercising, while thinking that if we ‘rest’ the affected joint, these new symptoms may go away. But in reality; osteoarthritis thrives on immobility and we should remain active with learning how to pace our daily jobs becoming very important.
Research has shown that the condition is also inflammatory in nature. Sometimes doctors will prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to help manage the symptoms. A recent review of the evidence has shown that exercise therapy for Osteoarthritis was just as effective as anti-inflammatory medication and that it also provides additional benefits in improving people’s ability to move around and be active. [1]
Although not all those who suffer from Osteoarthritis are overweight, carrying extra weight can be a predisposing factor. This is not only to do with the increased weight that a joint has to carry, but also because increased body fat creates a cellular environment that encourages inflammation throughout the body. [2]
So if you have joints that have been described as ‘worn out’, don’t despair. Painful joints that exhibit age related changes can be improved by treatment and a customised exercise programme that includes appropriate joint loading exercises. Contact us in clinic for a full assessment and let us help you begin your road to feeling and becoming better.

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