Whiplash is a common neck condition that we often see here in the clinic. It occurs when there is a sudden force or impact to the neck, causing the head to jerk forwards or backwards rapidly. This sudden force to the neck, which usually occurs without any warning, can sprain the small joints and ligaments and strain the muscles in the area. Patients will present with severely reduced movement and pain at the neck.

Whiplash can be caused by the impact in a road traffic accident, particularly when the collision occurs from behind. This would be the most common cause of injury that we see. Whiplash can also occur from collisions in contact sports such as rugby and GAA. Any sudden impact or force to the head and neck region in daily life has also the potential to cause whiplash.

Physiotherapy can help to improve this condition as quickly as possible. Treatment may consist of range-of-motion exercises, mobilisation techniques, manual therapy techniques, strengthening exercises, soft tissue release or dry needling. Patients with the condition can help themselves by keeping the neck as mobile as possible, within pain-free limits. Heat can be very beneficial also. If you are struggling with this condition and feel you may need our opinion, feel free to give us a call or drop in to make an appointment.